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At the moment, our big project is the creation of a new website. Our website is a valuable resource- schools rely on it for articles and maps, and researchers rely on it for family history. The website is currently on a very outdated platform which crashed two years ago. We need to preserve this valuable info, and fast!

OBHS received a $5000 grant for the new website, and we can match that amount, plus a bit more. We are launching an appeal to our supporters to raise the remaining balance of $2700. If you are able, please consider visiting our website and making a donation to the “Website Appeal” in the feature article. We are looking forward launching it this summer. Thank you for your support!

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Colonial Tavern Dinner

Old Berwick Historical Society fundraiser at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm

Colonial Tavern DinnerAt this venue near the old Portland Turnpike, discover the dining experience of our region’s 18th century travelers. Now on its third year, this annual feast is not to be missed!  New food, delicious beverages, and our more adventurous guests wearing 18th century costumes make this a night to remember. Enjoy sumptuous courses of authentic colonial fare prepared by local chefs Julie Cutting Kelly, Lee Frank, and the Red Barn chefs. Generously hosted by the Red Barn, and coordinated by Paula Bennett, author of Imagining Ichabod.




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