Chadbourne Reproduction Swan Seal

Chadbourne Swan Seal replica


Cast metal exact replica of a sealing wax embossing stamp owned by the family of Humphrey and Lucy Chadbourne in the 1600s. Original was unearthed during the excavation of their manor house in South Berwick by the Old Berwick Historical Society in the 1990s, and is on display in the Counting House Museum. Can be used with sealing wax or strung on chain as pendant. Items ship within 10 days. $20

by Sarah Orne Jewett




The 1893 edition of Sarah Orne Jewett's first novel, with cover design by Sarah Wyman Whitman, now with an introduction containing pictures from Marcia Oakes Woodbury's sketchbook at the Counting House Museum. Softcover and delightfully illustrated by Charles Woodbury and Marcia Oakes Woodbury, Jewett's friends and local residents. Items ship within 10 days.  $25.


South Berwick Village and the Fire of 1870

South Berwick Village booklet


South Berwick's terrible fire is recounted by Mary Rice Jewett, sister of author Sarah Orne Jewett, and two other 19th century essayists in 28 pages.  In his introduction, historian Bradley Fletcher writes,  "The fire of July 1870 ranks among the most important events in the history and contemporary life of the town...  Somewhere around a dozen homes and shops were destroyed, but within a year the area was rebuilt with the brick business block which continues to define South Berwick's downtown to the present day."  Over 20 photos, maps and illustrations. Published by the Old Berwick Historical Society in 2001. Items ship within 10 days.   $9.





 Selections from Country By-Ways by Sarah Orne Jewett

Country Byways  

From the 1881 book, these five essays deal with Sarah Orne Jewett's rambles about her home town of South Berwick.  "River Driftwood" and "From a Mournful Villager" appeared first in The Atlantic Monthly, and "Autumn Holiday" in Harper's Magazine. "An October Ride" and "A Winter Drive" record Jewett's explorations of the countryside and first appeared in the book.  Republished by the Old Berwick Historical Society in 2001. Items ship within 10 days.  $9.





Quamphegan Landing

Quamphegan Landing 

Memoirs of George Washington Frosst, a South Berwick resident who lived near the present location of the Counting House Museum in the 1830s and 40s. Introduction by John W. P. Frost. 40 pages, with 16 maps and photos of the neighborhoods surrounding the Portsmouth Manufacturing Company and other textile mills in South Berwick and Rollinsford where Frosst and his family worked. Published by the Old Berwick Historical Society in 2001. Items ship within 10 days.  $9.


Original size, fine art reproduction, 16" x 21" , showing "birds eye view" from Butler's (Powderhouse) Hill of South Berwick, the Salmon Falls River, and Salmon Falls Village in Rollinsford, NH.  From the original by Albert Ruger, a Prussian immigrant born in 1829, and J. J. Stoner of Madison, Wisconsin. According to the Library of Congress, Ruger and Stoner became partners in the 1860s, and published many city panoramas throughout the United States. Ruger died in 1899.Items ship within 10 days. $15.




Placenames of South Berwick

by the Old Berwick Historical Society

Join the Old Berwick Historical Society for a stroll along South Berwick’s village streets and country roads... From the Point to Tatnic, from Dunnybrook to Agamenticus Estates, along Witchtrot and down Oldfields Roads, each page is loaded with facts, stories, and picturesque descriptions by local authors Sarah Orne Jewett and Gladys Hasty Carroll. Updated edition with a special introduction "1814: South Berwick Comes Into Its Own: a Bicentennial History"


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