7:30 pm (Berwick Academy Arts Center)

Historian Peter Michaud will examine the architectural impact of French Canadian immigration over three generations. Beginning with Thomas Plant, whose father immigrated from Quebec to Maine in the 1830s, and the creation of his shoe factory and his estate Lucknow, to the work of local architect Lucien Omer Geoffrion who worked in the greater Portsmouth area from the 1930s to 1970, Michaud will discuss the buildings and landscapes created by French Canadian immigrants and their reflection of popular social trends.

Views from Rosemary Hill7:30 pm (Berwick Academy)
Weaving the history of Eliot, Maine and some of its prominent families with the experiences of newcomers to that town, author Helen Goransson describes the experiences that led to the writing of her book. She will share photos and stories about the Bartlett family who inhabited her home, and, in particular, Ralph Bartlett, prominent Eliot citizen and world traveler, the ghost who made her write the book.

Wedding shot7:30 pm (Berwick Academy)
Mistress Mary will come dressed only in a long white linen 'shift', the basic undergarment of a colonial woman. Master Adam, dressed in 18thc clothing, will then help her to dress layer by layer in an authentic reproduction of an English gown of the c. 1760's in this unique, entertaining, educational, and light-hearted look at ladies' 18th century fashion.

10:00 am - Noon (Orris Falls Conservation Area, South Berwick)

Historian Neill DePaoli will describe the pivotal role of the beaver trade at Newichawannock and the influence of the English trade in Wabanaki culture in the 1600’s. The land lies at the heart of an ancient volcanic caldera. Encompassed within this extraordinarily rich area of vernal pools, a 90-foot gorge, and a wetland area actively dammed by beaver.  Presented through a partnership with the Great Works Regional Land Trust.  Limited to 25 people and reservations are required. Call GWRLT at 207-646-3604 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, hike status, and weather updates.



large contemporary hamilton7:30 pm (Berwick Academy)
In 1934 the Piscataqua Garden Club hosted a Garden Club of America tour opening thirty-three properties to four hundred fellow gardeners from across the country. Using photographs by Marvin Breckinridge and John Mead Howells, horticulturists Gary and Nancy Wetzel, who care for four of the properties today, will provide a view of seacoast gardens then and now.

Photo by Gary Wetzel

Maine - Fire of 1947Nov. 18 - 7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) - "Maine Burning: The Fire of 1947" - Brad Fletcher discusses the terrifying week in the autumn of 1947 in which wildfires burned over 200,000 acres, destroying nine communities and over 1,000 homes and businesses.

Photo by Ted Dyer

LUB 2010 logoLUB 2009 dancers

Nov. 6 - 7:30 pm (Spring Hill Restaurant) - Our annual fundraiser and an evening of community fun. Everyone is invited to eat, drink and dance the night away to support the Counting House Museum and local history programs. Wear your party clothes or historical costume.


Nina Maurer

October 28 - 7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) - "Plowing the Waves: The Four Seasons of Farmer Gerrish" - Nina Maurer will present the tale of a rare survival - a timeless and intimate account of life on the margins of the young Republic, told by mariner and farmer Benjamin Gerrish of South Berwick, whose diary of the year 1791 chronicles the capacity to adapt and the power to endure. Read more...

Chadbourne SpoonsSept. 23 - 7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) - "The Chadbourne Archhaeology Project: A Progress Report" - The digging has stopped on this important archaeology project sponsored by OBHS, but the analysis continues. Emerson "Tad" Baker provides an update on what we are learning about life in South Berwick in the 17th century.

Berwick Academy Campus TourSept. 18 - 1:00 pm (1791 House, Berwick Academy) - "Berwick Academy Campus Historical Tour" - Archivist Rachel Saliba will lead a walk around the beautiful hilltop where the history of Maine's oldest school intertwines with that of interesting South Berwick residents of the 1700s and 1800s.

Free Will Baptist Cemetery TourThe Old Berwick Historical Society will lead a guided walking tour of the Freewill Baptist Cemetery at 340 Main Street, South Berwick, Maine, on Saturday, June 19. The event begins at 1:00 pm, rain or shine, and will last approximately an hour. It is open to the public and is free of charge.

Located beside the Free Baptist Church in the heart of South Berwick’s village, the cemetery dates to the early 1800s. Among those buried here are John Spencer, veteran of the War of 1812; Capt. Elijah Ricker, born about 1786, who died at sea in 1826; William L. Hanscom and Alfred W. Hart, veterans of the Civil War; and veterans of the Spanish American War and World War I.



Annual Meeting May 20 – 6:30 pm (Counting House) - At the Old Berwick Historical Society annual meeting, members will experience river history by climbing aboard the gundalow Captain Adams docked at Quamphegan Landing. After the meeting in the Counting House, enjoy the "Sounds Like Old Times" concert with Dave Peloquin and Bob Webb performing American folk and popular music from our collective past. Tenor and baritone harmonizing will be accompanied by guitars and 5-string banjo. For OBHS members - new members are welcome.


Here is the full schedule of gundalow events for everyone--

From gardening to music and theater, from maritime history to Sarah Orne Jewett, here is a busy linuep of educational and performance events, while the gundalow docks at Counting House Park - May 17-27, 2010.

Nate Hamilton-Smuttynose IslandApril 22- 7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) - "Stewardship and Archaeological Heritage on Smuttynose Island, Isles of Shoals” – Join Nathan Hamilton for a presentation of the Shoals Marine Laboratory sponsored excavations of the 17th and 18th century historic period fishing station and Haley family operation. The project has focused on recovery and analysis of marine and coastal animal remains.

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