Turnip and Beet Stop the Train
by Jason Silva, Anna Hayes, D.J. Chagnon, and Ryan Bisson
  Once upon a time there were two young men named James and John Skinner. People got their names mixed up so they called them Turnip and Beet. They were farmers in the 1880’s. They had to get the turnips and beets on the train that would take them to Boston to be sold, but how? First they tried throwing the turnips and beets at the train. But that DID NOT WORK. The beets went SPLAT! The turnips went SQUASH! “Oh, darn,” said Turnip. “Oh, come on! What a mess!” said Beet. There has to be another way thought Beet. Suddenly, Turnip had a new idea. He thought that they could build a giant haystack that was 100 feet tall on top of the train tracks. Once the haystack was built Turnip and Beet would paint the stack like a wall to try to get the train to stop. Then, as fast as lightning, Beet would load all of the turnips and beets on the train. Turnip and Beet went searching for all the hay in the world. In just two seconds Turnip and Beet lifted all the hay in the world. They stacked it on the train tracks and made it look like a tunnel. Just then, the train approached! It went right through the tunnel as though it wasn’t even there.
Then Turnip had a new idea. “Let’s get two red flags and wave them at the next train. Maybe it will stop and pick up our turnips and beets.” And that’s just what they did. Beet thought that the engineer  was very hot. So they made a lemonade stand. It took a split second to make it. How amazing!!! When the engineer saw the lemonade stand, he smiled, and bought some lemonade. So after they loaded the turnips and beets, they went right to the engineer and said, “Can you take our turnips and beets to Boston?” “Why sure I will.” said the engineer. So from then on that’s how they got their vegetables to Boston. 
The end.
Turnip and Beet Save the Farm 
by Emma Connors, Alexis Ligget, Thomas Burbank, Gabriel Wilber, and Grace Connors
  A glorious day happened in South Berwick, Maine. (Well, it was really Wells, but we’ll call it South Berwick.) A boy named John was born. He ate a beet. He ate beets and beets and beets. The Dad said to the mom “John is eating a lot of beets so we should call him Beet.” 
“Yes, we should. ” said Mom. John had a brother named James and he ate lots of turnips. The Dad called him Turnip. So that’s how they became Turnip and Beet. When they grew up they were farmers.
One night wolves snuck up on the farm, the one owned by Turnip and Beet. The wolves took one giant step back and up they went. They growled and hissed and ate the animals. Turnip and Beet bought more animals and they built the fence higher. But the wolves could jump over that fence too. They ate all the animals again, jumped over the fence and ran back in the woods. 
They came back the next night and night after night the wolves came back again and again. Turnip and Beet were running out of money! Turnip and Beet tried and tried but the wolves came again and again. And still the wolves could jump over the fence! Turnip and Beet said, “Wow, those wolves must be strong.” And they were. Turnip and Beet were tired. They looked  at each other then at the window and back at each other. The sky was dark. Turnip was ready to go to bed…but Beet went downstairs out the door and into the field. Pick, pick, pick, Beet walked out of the field closed the door behind him went back upstairs and …SPLOT!!! Thousands and thousands of beets and turnips were all over their room! The idea had failed. Beet had set up a catapult and aimed it at the house instead of the wolves! It took hours and hours to clean them up. Finally they picked them all up. Turnip said, “Go to bed, Beet.”
In the morning they sat down. They thought and thought. Turnip and Beet could not take it! So they tried to think of something. Soon, Beet had another plan. “I got something!” shouted Beet. He stuffed turnips and beets in a camouflaged cannon! “This will do,” said Turnip. He attached the cannon to the tippy top of the barn and aimed at where the wolves jumped over the fence. And waited and waited till finally the wolves came. And then… BOOM! Turnips and beets started to shoot everywhere. The wolves whined and whined and barked and barked. They were scattered away. And they never came back ever again. 
Turnip and Beet’s Bunny Invasion
by Piper Allen, Katelyn Hanscom, Olivia Forester and Kylie Stevens
Once upon a time there were two farmer’s there names were Beet and Turnip. Their real names were John and James Skinner. But they had a problem. It wasn’t a problem at first…but then it was an unbelievable problem! In the beginning Beet said to Turnip, “Cute bunnies! There are just two bunnies.” The next week they saw two fluffy balls in the garden. They were bunnies! The bunnies were eating the turnips and beets! “Stop that, you two cute bunnies!” they shouted. But they wouldn’t stop because they like the turnips and beets. Beet was as smart as a fox, so he flew into the air and scooped up the bunnies like you would with ice cream. He sent them gently down on Powder House Hill. “Now leave us alone, bunnies,” Beet said. But the bunnies still came back. The next morning Turnip said, “They’re back again!” 
“Who’s back?” asked Beet. 
“The bunnies!” Turnip said. 
“Oh no! The bunnies are back. That’s not good,” said Beet. “I don’t think they’re so cute anymore.”
“Let’s set a trap with a trail of carrots leading to it. 
So they set the trap and the carrots leading to it. Turnip was as smart as an eagle so he made fake turnips and beets so they wouldn’t waste the real ones. But the bunnies wouldn’t come because they liked real beets and turnips. The bunnies sure ate them. Turnip and Beet scooped the bunnies up and put them in the woods where the bunnies lived. 
The next day Turnip and Beet were picking beets and turnips. There were bunnies in their turnip and beet garden! When Beet pulled up a beet he pulled a bunny out of the ground instead! When Turnip pulled up a turnip, he pulled up a bunny instead!  “We’re not planting bunnies are we?” groaned Turnip. 
Finally Turnip and Beet got so mad at the bunnies they trapped the bunnies and brought them to Canada. And they never saw them again.
Turnip and Beet Versus the Giant Caterpillar
by Jacob Landry, Marcos Abell, Sam Keene, Owen Cannon, and Connor Hohn
   Once upon a time there were two farmers. Their names were Turnip and Beet. They were such good farmers that they could throw seeds in the ground and plants would grow in one minute. 
One early morning just after they planted the turnips and beets, they looked out the window and the plants were gone! There were very surprised! That night they looked out their window and they saw the giant caterpillar. The next day they planted a prickerbush. The next night the caterpillar came back. He ate the prickerbush and thought that it was a turnip or beet. Then he started to chew and chew, but the prickers didn’t stop him. Then he was back the next night. They thought and thought and thought then Turnip had a great idea! A fake garden!!
They woke up at 10:00 pm until 6:01 am making the fake turnips and beets out of clay. The next day the giant caterpillar ate all of the clay with turnip and beet juice on it. But it got so sick it went home. So the next morning the caterpillar did not come. It came in the afternoon! A few days later they thought of poison ivy plants. 
The next day they planted poison ivy and they wanted to disguise the poison ivy, as turnips and beets. Later on they saw huge tracks leading to the poison ivy. They thought the caterpillar would never come back. And the giant caterpillar didn’t. They won a prize for making sure the caterpillar never came back again. The giant caterpillar ate prickerbushes for the rest of his life!
   Too Many Turnips and Beets
By: Noah Woodworth, Tevy Boyd, 
Stella D’Aran and Sydney Page
In a small town called South Berwick, near Wells, Maine, there were two farmers named John and James.  They were called Turnip and Beet.  The amazing thing about them was that Turnip could pull up 100 turnips in one second flat.  Beet was even faster, he could pull up 200 beets in a second!  They were so fast they planted all over the town.  Soon they were planting Maine to New Hampshire.  People started to wish for something to stop them.  Some people said, “I am tired of turnips and beets.”  Others said, “Stop them!” “Arrest them!” “Someone call the cops!”  
After a hard day of planting turnips and beets, Turnip and Beet were resting peacefully on their couch.  All of a sudden they heard a loud boom as the door slammed open and hit the wall. They turned around and there were the cops.  The cops had arrived to throw them in jail.  The cops said, “Everyone in Maine and New Hampshire want to have something besides turnips and beets. They are mad at you and they are sick of all your turnips and beets.”
One cop put handcuffs on Turnip’s wrists.  The other cop put handcuffs on Beet’s wrists.   “Where are we going?” said Turnip.  The cop yelled, “To jail!” 
When they arrived at the jail, the cops put them in the dungeon.  SLAM!  The door banged shut! “ How can we escape?”  asked Beet.  “I don’t know,” answered Turnip.  They thought and thought and thought.  It was hard for them to think in the smelly jail.  It was dark, creepy, and gross.  They looked around.  They didn’t see anything except a toilet and a bed.  “That’s it!” said Beet.  They would just have to use their hands.  To the window!  They pulled and pulled and pulled.  The bars would not budge.  They tried a forth, fifth, even sixth time.  “It’s impossible!” cried Beet.  But, not for Turnip!  He still had some faith to give it one last try.  Turnip pulled with all of his might.  The bars popped off.  Finally, they were free!
Turnip and Beet raced home.  They had a plan, but they had to go to the store.  “We have to put on a disguise,” said Beet.  They put on dark glasses, trench coats and fancy buckskin shoes.   They even put on ties.  They hurried to the store where they grabbed eggs, flour, and sugar.  
When Turnip and Beet got back to their farm, they pulled out their recipe books.  On page 91, Beet hollered, “DONUTS!”  They mixed, stirred and beat.  They shoved it in the oven.  When they were done, Turnip grabbed the frosting. They quickly spread each and every donut with frosting and sprinkles.
Just then, someone yelled, “Turnip and Beet escaped!”  All of the cops and the townspeople started to run towards Turnip and Beet’s farm.  
“Who wants donuts?”  Turnip and Beet hollered.    “I want them!”  “Me, too!”  “How about me?” people shouted!  “Okay!” said Turnip.  Beet threw the donuts out the window!  Everyone snatched a donut and took a bite.  GOBBLE, CHOMP!  Turnip and Beet heard, “this is delicious.”
“Great job, thinking of turnip and beet flavored donuts!” said Turnip.   “Your welcome,” Beet said.  From that day on, people let them grow as many turnips and beets as they wanted.

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