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September 28, 2017 - Stranger Danger: Indians, Africans, English, and the World of Atlantic Slavery

7:30 pm (Berwick Academy)

 Perched on the edge of the English Atlantic empire, New England’s people and economy were intertwined with the wider English Caribbean world. At the center of it all were the enslaved people—Africans and Indians—who worked in thousands of English homes and farms. Dr. Linford Fisher grapples with the meaning of such cultural interactions, the realities of slavery, and the connections between New England and a wider Atlantic world of trade, culture, and commerce. Photo credit: John Carter Brown Library

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Looking for roots?  Want to explore a 300-year-old town?  Discover the stories within South Berwick's historic cemeteries, using the Old Berwick Historical Society cemetery database!


South Berwick's five community cemeteries span almost four centuries, from the 1600s to the present day.  Rich with history, they are peaceful, interesting places to stroll, as well as being a repository of historical facts and a means to honor hundreds of our veterans.  The Town of South Berwick provides only minimal maintenance for cemeteries. The Old Berwick Historical Society is therefore grateful to the volunteers who maintain these irreplaceable community landmarks. READ MORE.

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Francis Raynes The largest expansion of display space in decades at the Counting House, Village Voices occupies the historic second-floor hall. The exhibit chronicles 400 years of enterprise in the region through the lives of residents who have shaped key trades. 
Stories of six individuals who ventured out are presented using an array of historic objects, photographs and maps that illustrate South Berwick's economic transformation from 1630 to 2010: sawmilling, agriculture, shipbuilding and maritime trade, shoemaking and leatherworking, textile manufacturing, and small business.  The display will be on view permanently.


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