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January 25, 2018 - Native Pots in Colonial Houses: Trade and Exchange Between the Wampanoag and English in the Early Plymouth Colony Settlement

7:30 pm (Berwick Academy Arts Center)

Recent archaeological excavations have recovered the first intact sections of the early-17th-century Plymouth Colony settlement in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts. Early deposits include large numbers of Wampanoag artifacts alongside the colonial materials. Dr. David Landon describes the search for the early settlement and provides an overview of the new discoveries, with a focus on the Native pottery and English trade goods, to illustrate patterns of cultural interaction. READ MORE


Francis Raynes The largest expansion of display space in decades at the Counting House, Village Voices occupies the historic second-floor hall. The exhibit chronicles 400 years of enterprise in the region through the lives of residents who have shaped key trades. 
Stories of six individuals who ventured out are presented using an array of historic objects, photographs and maps that illustrate South Berwick's economic transformation from 1630 to 2010: sawmilling, agriculture, shipbuilding and maritime trade, shoemaking and leatherworking, textile manufacturing, and small business.  The display will be on view permanently.



March 24, 2018

Hosted by the Red Barn at Outlook Farm

"A Colonial Dinner at the Tavern"

At this historical society fundraiser near the old Portland Turnpike, discover the dining experience of our region’s 18th century travelers. READ MORE




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