7:00 pm - South Berwick Public Library

Historian Patricia Q. Wall will discuss startling new information from her new book, Lives of Consequence: Blacks in Early Kittery and Berwick in the Massachusetts Province of Maine. Based on careful research conducted over many years, this book presents the first detailed look at the lives of more than four hundred Black individuals who lived in Kittery and Berwick, Maine, from the seventeenth century until about 1820. Pat has patiently combed the available public and private documents to find whatever scraps of information had been recorded about these African Americans. Because most lived their lives in the shadows of the historical record, much has been lost. As Pat reveals, however, in addition to the personal trajectories of their own lives, they also played important roles in the life of their towns. Thanks to her research, we have a much better understanding of the importance of the Black, Native American, and mixed-race populations in southern Maine, both in qualitative and quantitative terms. Copies of Lives of Consequence are available at the Counting House Museum. READ MORE

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