The Old Berwick Historical Society has received donations of reproduction tinware and a beaver pelt from two New England craftspeople.

Just in time for the 2017 Hike through History, the historical society has received a donation of reproduction tinware from Larry Leonard, a tinsmith in Shrewsbury, MA.   The Joseph Davis site is on the Trades Hike this year, and we have always needed finished tin pieces to represent the hand work of tinsmiths like Davis.  We'll use these pieces on Hike day in May, but also in our Made for Trade museum program for 3rd graders and to train 8th-grade interpreters at Marshwood Middle School.

Another generous contribution, a sheared beaver pelt, was made by Dennis Theriault, a taxidermist who works from a rural shop in Sanford, ME.  Dennis donated .  He also helped to locate two smaller beaver pelts from a trapper in East Waterboro, Christopher Van Brassard, who donated two pelts he had trapped.  The pelts will be used for the Journeys Hike through History and for exhibition in our upcoming Forgotten Frontier exhibit, where we’ll be interpreting Wabanaki trade with the English. 


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