(Counting House Park)

 David Ledoyen and the company of “Les Mousquets du Roi,” French militia re-enactors from Montreal, Quebec, along with Ken Hamilton, a Penobscot interpreter from Corinth, Maine, will bring to life the world of allies and combatants on the Piscataqua frontier in the late 1600s. See the conflict through enemy eyes by visiting the English camp at nearby Wentworth House, sponsored by the Association for Rollinsford Culture and History.

Both encampments are family-friendly, and visitors are encouraged to ask and touch. “Through Enemy Eyes,” a special presentation about the experience of woodsmen raiders on the New England frontier, will take place at 3:00 pm at the Counting House Museum. Photo credit: Jimmy Brodie 

An encampment of the opposing sides in a struggle that dominated local life in the 1600’s will come to life at the town park next to the Counting House Museum at 2 Liberty Street in South Berwick, Maine.  Across the river at the Colonel Paul Wentworth House, re-enactors of Benjamin Church’s Company of raiders will represent the opposing side of local conflict through an English encampment at 47 Water Street in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.

“This will be a thrilling and unique experience for visitors, the first visit of French and Native militia to this region in over 300 years,” said Nina Maurer, consulting curator for the Old Berwick Historical Society’s new exhibit, Forgotten Frontier: Untold Stories of the Piscataqua, which focuses on the adversity and diversity of the Piscataqua region in the 1600s.

“We hear stories growing up about relationships, good and bad, between natives and newcomers. This experience—seeing both sides of the story in one day—can help to redefine our view about what truly was happening along these rivers, on the far reaches of settlement, at New England’s beginning.”

The Counting House Museum will be open from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm during the encampment. Guests are encouraged to visit the exhibit to find out more about characters who lived in the region during this time of conflict. This event was made possible with support from our 2017 program series sponsor, Kennebunk Savings. For more information, visit www.oldberwick.org. Admission is free.

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