Joshua Chamberlain7:30 pm (Berwick Academy) Gen. Joseph Hayes

Regional historian and Berwick Academy teacher, Brad Fletcher, will trace the parallel experiences of the well-known Chamberlain and South Berwick's little know Joseph Hayes.


Among the 75,000 soldiers from Maine who fought in the Civil War, nearly three dozen served as generals of varying fortune and ability.  Preeminent among them all is Joshua Chamberlain, Maine’s favorite son and war hero, the ideal of civilian turned soldier, governor, author and medal of honor winner for his stand on Little Round Top at Gettysburg.   But if Maine was to search for another hero-general, then it need look no further than an obscure grave in South Berwick’s Old Fields Cemetery, belonging to local son Joseph Hayes.  Seven years younger, and a fellow citizen-soldier, Hayes served alongside Chamberlain in the Army of the Potomac’s V Corps throughout the war, and in the same division for most of it.  Their military careers were remarkably in tandem, even to injuries and promotions, but with Hayes’ regularly outpacing his fellow Mainer in advancement to higher rank.  The event that perhaps most separated the two men’s legacies was the afternoon of July 2nd at Gettysburg.  Hayes was there, and but for a small quirk of fate as they marched to battle that afternoon, Little Round Top might have been his, too.


The program will be held on Thursday, September 25, starting at 7:30 pm at Berwick Academy's Jeppesen Science Center on Academy Street.  The public is invited, and volunteers will serve refreshments.  Donations are welcome.  This lecture is one of many 2014 Bicentennial events to be organized by the Old Berwick Historical Society and other community organizations.

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