Turnip and Beet Stop the Train
by Jason Silva, Anna Hayes, D.J. Chagnon, and Ryan Bisson
  Once upon a time there were two young men named James and John Skinner. People got their names mixed up so they called them Turnip and Beet. They were farmers in the 1880’s. They had to get the turnips and beets on the train that would take them to Boston to be sold, but how? First they tried throwing the turnips and beets at the train. But that DID NOT WORK. The beets went SPLAT! The turnips went SQUASH! “Oh, darn,” said Turnip. “Oh, come on! What a mess!” said Beet. There has to be another way thought Beet. Suddenly, Turnip had a new idea. He thought that they could build a giant haystack that was 100 feet tall on top of the train tracks. Once the haystack was built Turnip and Beet would paint the stack like a wall to try to get the train to stop. Then, as fast as lightning, Beet would load all of the turnips and beets on the train. Turnip and Beet went searching for all the hay in the world. In just two seconds Turnip and Beet lifted all the hay in the world. They stacked it on the train tracks and made it look like a tunnel. Just then, the train approached! It went right through the tunnel as though it wasn’t even there.
Then Turnip had a new idea. “Let’s get two red flags and wave them at the next train. Maybe it will stop and pick up our turnips and beets.” And that’s just what they did. Beet thought that the engineer  was very hot. So they made a lemonade stand. It took a split second to make it. How amazing!!! When the engineer saw the lemonade stand, he smiled, and bought some lemonade. So after they loaded the turnips and beets, they went right to the engineer and said, “Can you take our turnips and beets to Boston?” “Why sure I will.” said the engineer. So from then on that’s how they got their vegetables to Boston. 
The end.

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