Turnip and Beet Save the Farm 
by Emma Connors, Alexis Ligget, Thomas Burbank, Gabriel Wilber, and Grace Connors
  A glorious day happened in South Berwick, Maine. (Well, it was really Wells, but we’ll call it South Berwick.) A boy named John was born. He ate a beet. He ate beets and beets and beets. The Dad said to the mom “John is eating a lot of beets so we should call him Beet.” 
“Yes, we should. ” said Mom. John had a brother named James and he ate lots of turnips. The Dad called him Turnip. So that’s how they became Turnip and Beet. When they grew up they were farmers.
One night wolves snuck up on the farm, the one owned by Turnip and Beet. The wolves took one giant step back and up they went. They growled and hissed and ate the animals. Turnip and Beet bought more animals and they built the fence higher. But the wolves could jump over that fence too. They ate all the animals again, jumped over the fence and ran back in the woods. 
They came back the next night and night after night the wolves came back again and again. Turnip and Beet were running out of money! Turnip and Beet tried and tried but the wolves came again and again. And still the wolves could jump over the fence! Turnip and Beet said, “Wow, those wolves must be strong.” And they were. Turnip and Beet were tired. They looked  at each other then at the window and back at each other. The sky was dark. Turnip was ready to go to bed…but Beet went downstairs out the door and into the field. Pick, pick, pick, Beet walked out of the field closed the door behind him went back upstairs and …SPLOT!!! Thousands and thousands of beets and turnips were all over their room! The idea had failed. Beet had set up a catapult and aimed it at the house instead of the wolves! It took hours and hours to clean them up. Finally they picked them all up. Turnip said, “Go to bed, Beet.”
In the morning they sat down. They thought and thought. Turnip and Beet could not take it! So they tried to think of something. Soon, Beet had another plan. “I got something!” shouted Beet. He stuffed turnips and beets in a camouflaged cannon! “This will do,” said Turnip. He attached the cannon to the tippy top of the barn and aimed at where the wolves jumped over the fence. And waited and waited till finally the wolves came. And then… BOOM! Turnips and beets started to shoot everywhere. The wolves whined and whined and barked and barked. They were scattered away. And they never came back ever again. 

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