Turnip and Beet Versus the Giant Caterpillar
by Jacob Landry, Marcos Abell, Sam Keene, Owen Cannon, and Connor Hohn
   Once upon a time there were two farmers. Their names were Turnip and Beet. They were such good farmers that they could throw seeds in the ground and plants would grow in one minute. 
One early morning just after they planted the turnips and beets, they looked out the window and the plants were gone! There were very surprised! That night they looked out their window and they saw the giant caterpillar. The next day they planted a prickerbush. The next night the caterpillar came back. He ate the prickerbush and thought that it was a turnip or beet. Then he started to chew and chew, but the prickers didn’t stop him. Then he was back the next night. They thought and thought and thought then Turnip had a great idea! A fake garden!!
They woke up at 10:00 pm until 6:01 am making the fake turnips and beets out of clay. The next day the giant caterpillar ate all of the clay with turnip and beet juice on it. But it got so sick it went home. So the next morning the caterpillar did not come. It came in the afternoon! A few days later they thought of poison ivy plants. 
The next day they planted poison ivy and they wanted to disguise the poison ivy, as turnips and beets. Later on they saw huge tracks leading to the poison ivy. They thought the caterpillar would never come back. And the giant caterpillar didn’t. They won a prize for making sure the caterpillar never came back again. The giant caterpillar ate prickerbushes for the rest of his life!

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