Turnip and Beet’s Bunny Invasion
by Piper Allen, Katelyn Hanscom, Olivia Forester and Kylie Stevens
Once upon a time there were two farmer’s there names were Beet and Turnip. Their real names were John and James Skinner. But they had a problem. It wasn’t a problem at first…but then it was an unbelievable problem! In the beginning Beet said to Turnip, “Cute bunnies! There are just two bunnies.” The next week they saw two fluffy balls in the garden. They were bunnies! The bunnies were eating the turnips and beets! “Stop that, you two cute bunnies!” they shouted. But they wouldn’t stop because they like the turnips and beets. Beet was as smart as a fox, so he flew into the air and scooped up the bunnies like you would with ice cream. He sent them gently down on Powder House Hill. “Now leave us alone, bunnies,” Beet said. But the bunnies still came back. The next morning Turnip said, “They’re back again!” 
“Who’s back?” asked Beet. 
“The bunnies!” Turnip said. 
“Oh no! The bunnies are back. That’s not good,” said Beet. “I don’t think they’re so cute anymore.”
“Let’s set a trap with a trail of carrots leading to it. 
So they set the trap and the carrots leading to it. Turnip was as smart as an eagle so he made fake turnips and beets so they wouldn’t waste the real ones. But the bunnies wouldn’t come because they liked real beets and turnips. The bunnies sure ate them. Turnip and Beet scooped the bunnies up and put them in the woods where the bunnies lived. 
The next day Turnip and Beet were picking beets and turnips. There were bunnies in their turnip and beet garden! When Beet pulled up a beet he pulled a bunny out of the ground instead! When Turnip pulled up a turnip, he pulled up a bunny instead!  “We’re not planting bunnies are we?” groaned Turnip. 
Finally Turnip and Beet got so mad at the bunnies they trapped the bunnies and brought them to Canada. And they never saw them again.

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