The Case of the Missing Turnips and Beets
By:  Liana Leavitt, Devin Parmley, Jazmyn
Harbuck, Taylor Emery, and Cadence Robbins
Years and years ago, there were two teenagers named Turnip and Beet.  Those two boys had super strength.  They could lift a cow with one pinky finger.  Every summer at the annual horse race, they entered and before the horses even left the starting line, Turnip and Beet were already at the end.  
Turnip and Beet were the best farmers in South Berwick, Maine.  Their specialty was turnips and beets.  They grew turnips and beets as big and tall as a moose.   
One night, while Turnip and Beet were snoozing, two robbers snuck onto their farm.  The thieves stole all of the turnips and beets!  
When Turnip woke up in the morning, he looked outside to see NO turnips and beets!  Turnip yelled to Beet, “the turnips and beets are GONE!”  Beet ran out of his room as fast as lightning.  They pulled on their boots and ran outside.  They found nothing but big, big fields with only dirt and holes.  They looked and looked, but all they found was dirt and holes the entire way down.  There was not one turnip or beet left anywhere.
“I have an idea,” exclaimed Turnip, “let’s look for clues.”  The boys sprinted up and down the fields looking for anything suspicious.  Suddenly, Beet spotted a trail of familiar looking vegetables.  “Turnip, get over here, LOOK!”  Turnip’s mouth dropped open, his eyes as big as Maine whoopee pies, as he stared at the trail.  He looked at Beet and together they zoomed down the trail.  They ran as fast as the fastest train.  
Finally, Turnip and Beet came to a stop.  They saw some mysterious footprints that led into a dark cave.  They tiptoed into the cave.  Inside drips of water glistened above their heads.  All of a sudden, they heard a noise coming from the left.  Turnip and Beet tiptoed closer and closer.  Finally, they came close enough to see the two robbers and a HUMONGOUS pile of turnips and beets!!!
“HEY!” yelled Turnip.  “Why did you steal our turnips and beets?”  The two thieves jumped.  “Uh, uh, uh,” they quivered, “they looked so good we could not resist.”  Turnip and Beet looked at each other for a minute or two.  “Do you know what I am thinking?” whispered Turnip.  “If they like them, everybody might like them.”  Beet gasped!  “Is this true?” Beet asked the thieves.  The thieves replied, “Everyone wishes they could have some of your fantastic turnips and beets.”  Wow, thought Turnip and Beet.  “You could have just asked us!” explained Beet.  
Turnip and Beet and the two robbers charged back to the farm carrying all of the turnips and beets.  Once there, they set up a stand and gave out turnips and beets to everyone in the town.  Turnip and Beet became best friends with the robbers who had helped them realize they should share their wonderful, super, glorious, amazing, incredible, fantastic, delicious turnips and beets with everyone.

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