Turnip and Beet And The Big Flood
By:  Ariana Scharff, Sedona Bolevic, Avery Waddell, Jack Flynn, Jack Lusenhop, Abby Standish, Kogan Trull, and Sean Wessling
One glorious day something fabulous happened, two little farmers were born!  Their parents could not believe their eyes!  One was as red as a beet and the other was as pale as a turnip.  They named them James and John.  The only food those boys would eat was turnips and beets.  Every day the boys played with turnip and beet rattles.  They would shake them, throw them, suck on them and swing them.  Soon, everything on the farm was broken (and that’s why, their parents nicknamed them, Turnip and Beet).
By the time Turnip and Beet were three, they were so fast that when they planted seeds you couldn’t even see them!  One time when the plow broke down, they decided the only thing they could do was use their fingers.  They pushed their fingers into the fresh soil and raked rows and rows for planting seeds.  They were so fast, they had plowed one field . . . 
two fields . . . and were working on their third, all in a half second!
One day, the sky turned a strange color.  It was as dark and grim as a polluted sea.  Just then, there was a raindrop as big as a basketball.  And then . . .   thousands more poured from the sky.  The water rose and rose and rose.
“James and John, we need to get to higher ground,” their parents shouted over the pouring rain.  But Turnip and Beet did not want to leave their lovely farm.  They knew that the rain would wreck their crops and that would break their hearts.  Turnip said to Beet, “We need to save the town and our crops.  Let’s go outside and stop the flood.”  So they went outside.  At first they didn’t know what to do.    They tried to think of an idea.  They thought and thought and thought.  
Finally, they had it.  “An air pump,” said Turnip to Beet.  “We can try to push the clouds away.”  But, Beet said, “How do we get up?”  Turnip said, “Balloons!”  So, they got balloons and floated up.  When they were high enough they popped some of the balloons so they would hover in mid-air.  They pulled out the air pumps and began pumping.  They pumped and pumped, but the clouds were too heavy.  They did not move an inch.
Then, they tried to hold a tarp as big as the town to catch the pounding rain.  But the storm was so bad that it just kept coming.  The rain was as hard as the hardest icicle.  The thunder was as loud as a dinosaur roaring.  The lightning was as bright as the sun.  The tarp grew heavier and heavier.  They held on with all their might.  But, it was no use.  The storm was too strong and the tarp grew too heavy.  They could not hold it any longer.  Suddenly, BOOM!!! The tarp exploded and a giant hole appeared.  The water went WHOOSH! through the hole as fast as a waterfall.  It poured over the town.  “We can’t let this happen,” exclaimed Turnip to Beet.  “We have to do something,” said Beet.
They thought and thought some more.  “Ah, ha!” said Turnip to Beet, “I’ve got it, this will be the best idea, yet!”  They raced to Mount Agamenticus.  Turnip got on one side and Beet on the other.  They pulled it from the ground as easily as pulling a tooth out of a mouth, POP! They turned it upside down and dragged it to Portsmouth making a giant trench.  As the rain continued, the water flooded into the trench.  It raced through the trench and out to sea forming the Piscataqua River.  
Soon, the storm passed.  The town and crops were saved!  Turnip and Beet scampered and skipped all the way home to their parents.  From that day on, they were heroes to everyone!

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