Too Many Turnips and Beets
By: Noah Woodworth, Tevy Boyd, 
Stella D’Aran and Sydney Page
In a small town called South Berwick, near Wells, Maine, there were two farmers named John and James.  They were called Turnip and Beet.  The amazing thing about them was that Turnip could pull up 100 turnips in one second flat.  Beet was even faster, he could pull up 200 beets in a second!  They were so fast they planted all over the town.  Soon they were planting Maine to New Hampshire.  People started to wish for something to stop them.  Some people said, “I am tired of turnips and beets.”  Others said, “Stop them!” “Arrest them!” “Someone call the cops!”  
After a hard day of planting turnips and beets, Turnip and Beet were resting peacefully on their couch.  All of a sudden they heard a loud boom as the door slammed open and hit the wall. They turned around and there were the cops.  The cops had arrived to throw them in jail.  The cops said, “Everyone in Maine and New Hampshire want to have something besides turnips and beets. They are mad at you and they are sick of all your turnips and beets.”
One cop put handcuffs on Turnip’s wrists.  The other cop put handcuffs on Beet’s wrists.   “Where are we going?” said Turnip.  The cop yelled, “To jail!” 
When they arrived at the jail, the cops put them in the dungeon.  SLAM!  The door banged shut! “ How can we escape?”  asked Beet.  “I don’t know,” answered Turnip.  They thought and thought and thought.  It was hard for them to think in the smelly jail.  It was dark, creepy, and gross.  They looked around.  They didn’t see anything except a toilet and a bed.  “That’s it!” said Beet.  They would just have to use their hands.  To the window!  They pulled and pulled and pulled.  The bars would not budge.  They tried a forth, fifth, even sixth time.  “It’s impossible!” cried Beet.  But, not for Turnip!  He still had some faith to give it one last try.  Turnip pulled with all of his might.  The bars popped off.  Finally, they were free!
Turnip and Beet raced home.  They had a plan, but they had to go to the store.  “We have to put on a disguise,” said Beet.  They put on dark glasses, trench coats and fancy buckskin shoes.   They even put on ties.  They hurried to the store where they grabbed eggs, flour, and sugar.  
When Turnip and Beet got back to their farm, they pulled out their recipe books.  On page 91, Beet hollered, “DONUTS!”  They mixed, stirred and beat.  They shoved it in the oven.  When they were done, Turnip grabbed the frosting. They quickly spread each and every donut with frosting and sprinkles.
Just then, someone yelled, “Turnip and Beet escaped!”  All of the cops and the townspeople started to run towards Turnip and Beet’s farm.  
“Who wants donuts?”  Turnip and Beet hollered.    “I want them!”  “Me, too!”  “How about me?” people shouted!  “Okay!” said Turnip.  Beet threw the donuts out the window!  Everyone snatched a donut and took a bite.  GOBBLE, CHOMP!  Turnip and Beet heard, “this is delicious.”
“Great job, thinking of turnip and beet flavored donuts!” said Turnip.   “Your welcome,” Beet said.  From that day on, people let them grow as many turnips and beets as they wanted.

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