The Ballad of Beet and Turnip
One day when they were little 
There was a great big flood
So Turnip and his brother    
Saved their crops from thick mud
They picked up Mount Aggie
And turned it upside down
The flood became a river
They safely saved the town
Oh Beet and Turnip too
Local farmers, watch them go
Beet and Turnip too    
Handy with a hoe
One night while they were snoozing
Two thieves snuck on their farm 
They stole all of their veggies
They took off in alarm
Beet and Turnip found some clues that
Led them to the thieves 
The thieves said, “We’re so sorry, 
We just love your veggies!”
Let’s sell our beets in Boston
We’ll send them on the train
But how to get the train to stop
Right here in southern Maine?
The engineer came chugging by
And saw  two flags of red
“Please take our beets and turnips 
Was all the farmers said
One night wolves snuck up on them
And ate up all their stuff
They built a great big tall fence
But it was not enough
They tried a camflaged cannon
With turnips and a beet
They aimed it at the wolves 
Who ran off down the street.
They fought a caterpillar
It ate up all of their beets    
They fed it pricker bushes
It thought it was a treat
Fake garden didn’t fool it
It knew it was not real
They fed it poison ivy
And boy that was the deal
The town was very angry
At Turnip and Beet too
“Call the cops!” they said
We’re tired of this food 
The farmers fixed the problem
With a special recipe
Donuts made from veggies
Were their specialty
One day they saw cute bunnies
“Two bunnies, oh so sweet!”
But those two cute white bunnies
Loved  turnips and the beets
“Stop that! You two bunnies!”
The farmers were so clever
To Canada they sent them
To save their crops forever.

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