Quamphegan Landing, South Berwick, 1877
                                                                    Landing looking over the falls.

In the 2003 photo right, South Berwick’s old, Quamphegan Landing, sometimes called the upper landing, can be seen from the Route 4 bridge entering South Berwick from New Hampshire. This photo is a view looking downstream, with the corner of the hydroelectric plant built early 1900s showing at left. The Counting House is out of view to left, and the rest of the site where the Portsmouth Manufacturing Company once stood is below the hydro plant. Today this grassy area is a new town park. The South Berwick Sewer District plant lies beyond.

It was on this riverbank, from the 1700s through the early 1900s, that gundalows and other craft moored against the granite bulwarks that still can be seen today. Quamphegan Landing is the head of tide on the river. From here it flows down into the Piscataqua River and to the sea at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The landing area from the York County Atlas of 1872.

A gundalow moors at the Landing sometime in the 1890s or early 1900s. Fogg Memorial building at Berwick Academy is beyond.





Boat rings at the Landing.


A view looking upstream at the bridge from the Landing in 2004. The Counting House is at right, behind the trees.


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