7:30 pm (Berwick Academy Arts Center)

Reliable drinking sources, liquid sustenance, and promoters of sociability, beer and ale played an important role in early New England. Archaeologists know this through the many artifacts excavated at the Chadbourne Site and elsewhere in the Piscataqua region. Dr. Emerson Baker, Project Scholar for the Forgotten Frontier project, will discuss these finds and their significance. He will also describe his efforts with Portsmouth’s Earth Eagle Brewings to recreate colonial ales from historical recipes. READ MORE

7:30 pm (Berwick Academy Arts Center)

George Washington often dominates the narrative of the nation’s birth, yet American history has largely forgotten what he knew: that the country’s fate depended less on grand rhetorical statements of independence and self-governance than on land–Indian land. Drawing on his forthcoming book of the same title, Dr. Colin Calloway will discuss how the first president contended with Native American people and power, and how they responded to his policies, and shaped Washington’s life.

7:00 pm (Counting House Museum)

Celebrate our second season of the exhibit Forgotten Frontier: Untold Stories of the Piscataqua. Join us for a fun evening of songs presented by Joyce Anderson, a vocalist and violinist who thrives on writing and interpreting songs across many genres such as old-time, rock & Americana, spirituals, folk, pop, and swing. For OBHS members; new members are welcome.

7:30 pm (Berwick Academy Arts Center)

Native American communities of the Northeast maintained deep traditions of sheltering relations and refugees during times of conflict.  Dr. Christine DeLucia brings to light some important yet overlooked dimensions of Indigenous enslavement and unfreedom in colonial New England and the Atlantic World.  Highlighting landscapes that played powerful roles in processes of captivity and in bids for liberation and security, she weaves together documentary sources with other forms of knowledge, including material culture objects and oral traditions.  

10:00 am - 4:00 pm Counting House Park

Join us for the public opening of the Counting House Museum, and venture down to “the Landing” alongside the Salmon Falls River to see four demonstrators of the early colonial maritime trades. Included are a cooper, rope maker, rigger, and a ship doctor.

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