Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 7pm -- Join us for Round 2!

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Last year was a blast, and we are ready to do it again! Did you figure out who killed Fanny Sprague? Did the nuns have to tell your parents about your naughty behavior? Did you miss out on the event?? Join us for another round of laughter and puzzle-solving, and see who can topple the reigning champions! Be on the lookout for the trophy as it travels around town this year!

Come with a team or come and join a team to enjoy this magical evening!   Teams will be competing for points and prizes as they collect clues, participate in team challenges and try to solve the puzzle!  Join us across the river for our second year of the History Games, taking place this year in the historic Lower Mill in Rollinsford on Saturday, November 3rd at 7pm. Wearing your favorite 1980’s outfit is highly encouraged!   

The year is 1988, and the Salmon Falls Cuties are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a party for their “friends and families.” Guests of the ladies will be treated to a memorable time-traveling tour of the old mill, and discover some of the forgotten people and history of the Salmon Falls Manufacturing Company. From mill girls to con men to manufacturing mayhem, this trip through the old mill offers an evening you won’t soon forget! Compete in activities to earn the coveted History Games trophy. Tickets are available on our website.

Who are the Salmon Falls Cuties? The “Salmon Falls Cuties” is our fictitious twist on a real group that existed in Rollinsford. Come to the History Games to find out who they were and why they formed a club! You just might discover that you know quite a few of the ladies in this exclusive club, and rumor has it that they might be pulling together a surprise to get you dancing at the end of the evening!

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