Visit the Counting House Museum, South Berwick, ME

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Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 - Estate Sale in the Counting House Ballroom

 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (Counting House Museum)

You’ve never been to a sale like this! Visit the second floor of the Counting House. There, surrounded by history, you’ll peruse a
collection of unique furniture, clothing, jewelry, trinkets and accessories collected by our members and offered for sale at
extraordinary prices. Items include a quilt, a small old wood cabinet to store buttons and small items, and a boudoir lamp made of glass. Proceeds benefit the “Rally Round the Flagpole” campaign and all our local history programs.

Rally Round the Flagpole-- and Hear Chefs in the Counting House!

For nearly half a century, the tall flagpole standing next to the historic Counting House has welcomed arrivals into the town of South Berwick. 

The flagpole is now the centerpiece of an effort to raise $10,000. So far, supporters have “rallied round the flagpole” with pledges totaling $3,500. But we need everyone’s help! Please take a moment to send your tax-deductible gift now. Please just click here or click the "Donate Now" button below.  The Rally Round the Flagpole Campaign supports the flagpole, signage and other property improvements at the Counting House, and local history programs.And please come to our special series of Sunday afternoon talks: "“Chefs in the Counting House: Talk, Tales and Chatter from a Trio of Culinary Authors” will take place on the second floor of the Counting House Museum. Admission $10 supports the Rally Round the Flagpole campaign.  More details here.



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