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Nov. 20, 2014 - James Sullivan: the Forgotten Founder

James Sullivan7:30 pm (Berwick Academy)

James Sullivan, a son of Old Berwick, was an economic visionary, an early supporter of religious freedom, and by 1807, the first Jeffersonian governor of Massachusetts.  Yet few historians have given him the recognition he deserves.  In this program, Daniel L. Breen will discuss Sullivan's lively and colorful career, and assess his significance in the politics of the early republic.   

From the beginning of the Revolution to Jefferson's Embargo, there was hardly a political event in Massachusetts in which James Sullivan did not play a significant part.  Dan's lecture will take us on a tour of Sullivan's career, from his youth in Berwick to his early days practicing law in remote Georgetown, Maine, his risky service during the Revolution, his role in the state convention that ratified the Constitution and his long stint as Attorney General, in which he prosecuted some of the most celebrated murder cases in Massachusetts history.  Through it all, and despite serious physical disabilities, Sullivan somehow found the time and energy to lead the effort to construct the Middlesex Canal, which marked the beginning of the Transportation Revolution in the United States.

Bicentennial Calendar of Events

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Fall 2014 Schedule of Events for South Berwick’s 200th Anniversary Year

October 23:  What We Ate in Berwick and Beyond, Sandy Oliver, Old Berwick Historical Society lecture at 7:30 at Berwick Academy

November 20:  James Sullivan: the Forgotten Founder, the story of local Berwick author (1795 History of the Province of Maine) and Governor of Massachusetts – Old Berwick Historical Society lecture given by Professor Daniel Breen, at 7:30 at Berwick Academy

December 5: Home for the Holidays - Shop and stroll Main Street, 5:00-8:00 pm

A Bicentennial History


1814: South Berwick Comes into Its Own

by Norma Keim

February 12, 1814 was a momentous day for the village of Quamphegan.  Located on the site of an ancient Indian village still bearing its name, it was the commercial center of the town of Berwick, which then included today’s South Berwick, Berwick and North Berwick.

South Berwick Time Line

Cummings Mill workers

History of South Berwick, Maine, from the age of discovery to the 21st Century

Based on the Maine School Administrative District #35 Timeline of Eliot and South Berwick History - March 16, 2001 


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From our bicentennial exhibit - South Berwick Town Hall:


Becoming South Berwick:

Surviving the Revolution

Meeting House

by Cari Quater
Berwick Established: In 1713, the same year that ended of Queen Anne’s War- a war dominated by conflict with the French and their Indian allies -- the town of Berwick officially separated from Kittery.
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